Law firm SeP&P always considering the potential risks and determines the extent of probability of solving the problems of the Client. Therefore, each Client task for Law firm SeP&P is a responsible project, which necessarily implies a guaranteed result. When potential clients contact our firm, partner Serhii Pavlov examines the facts to see how strong the case is. Why does this matter? Mr. Pavlov is not only the managing partner of our firm, but he is also a doctor of law and an economist of the international relation. The insight he gained during his time as a scientific professional allows us to offer a straightforward, honest assessment of your claim. If we do not believe your case is strong, we will not string you along. We will give you our honest, respectful opinion upfront. If we believe you have a valid claim that should be pursued, we will offer you a candid assessment of what you can expect from the legal process. If we take your case, you pay us nothing and you will never write us a check; we pay all expenses upfront and we only collect if we successfully recover compensation for you.