Jurisdiction is a collective concept, which by its content covers not only the constitutional structure, which consists of a normative system, government bodies and the territorial organization of society, but also the action of law in time and space.

The operation of law is a dynamic phenomenon that is characterized by strength, intensity, continuity, depth and completeness of coverage of all processes in society.

At the same time, Jurisdiction is one of the states of a more complex phenomenon, which also manifests itself in other aspects, such as: state, country, society, economy, market, territory, people, and so on.

Therefore, we can note that jurisdiction is a specific effect of the country's life and the effect of the mutual work of all mechanisms, processes and systems in the country.

Jurisdiction presupposes international and domestic public recognition of its center (core), from which follows its spatial recognition of completeness, the legitimacy of the legal word and physical force.

Each sovereign country is at the same time a jurisdiction, which means that the relationship with a person, with property, with nature, its resources, and so on, is also interaction with jurisdiction.

Hence it follows that it is very important not only knowledge of your topic, but knowledge of jurisdiction, as the environment in which this topic should work.

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