SeP&P is an abbreviation of the registered trademark "SePavlov&Professionals" and the official name of the Law Firm SeP&P. Code in the Unified State Register of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs - 40414278

According to the Charter, the Law Firm SeP&P provides professional legal assistance and legal services in the jurisdiction of Ukraine and in the territories of countries of foreign jurisdictions

The staff of the Law Firm SeP&P consists of highly qualified lawyers, economists and attorneys

The legal profession is a specific and complex type of intellectual activity, as well as experience, skills that imply not only a deep knowledge of national and international, substantive and procedural law, but also an exceptional ability to apply, execute, use, observe and interpret the law

The profession of an economist provides for the availability of extensive theoretical and practical knowledge in the field of higher mathematics, statistics, financial audit, management, marketing based on the modern doctrine of micro and macroeconomic doctrine

Including the above, in the content of the concept of a lawyer there is also a special legal status, which is entrusted by law with the function of providing protection in justice