This is a particularly sensitive area of legal services, as here - the top priority is a person, her interests, rights and freedoms. Right to part of privacy is extremely important benefit of social guarantees. This area requires the highest degree of legal attention and responsibilities, understanding the personal needs of the client, not only a thorough knowledge of law and legislation, but also psychology, the social environment, culture, behavior and etiquette in general.

Unfortunately, we know a lot of facts, aimed against the person and its social safety, including: defamation, destruction of goodwill, poor health care, unfounded accusations and unlawful criminal prosecution, deprivation of parental, labor rights, inheritance, etc. In most cases, the person is compelled to seek protection and justice is not in the national courts, but in international institutions such as the European Court of Human Rights.

On the other hand, there are a group of private matters that do not concern the protection, but concern the legal management of the private cases, for to create a successful future and for minimize legal risks.

Law firm "SeP&P" is always adheres to the principle of individual and professional approach to any particular issue where the confidentiality and personal aims for us always determine the strategic direction of legal solutions.

Law firm "SeP&P" has a compelling experience in conducting private affairs,  of the citizens of Ukraine and citizens of the USA, Canada, European Union, Russia, Turkey and China.