National Association of Advocates of Ukraine

The National Association of Advocates of Ukraine was established in accordance with the Law of Ukraine "On Advocacy and Legal Practice" is the all-Ukrainian non-governmental non-profit professional organization uniting all lawyers of Ukraine to ensure the implementation of the tasks lawyer, self-management, created on the basis of occupation, to promote the development and strengthening of institutions Advocacy in Ukraine, raising the legal assistance provided by lawyers, the role and authority of the legal profession in society.

Ukrainian Bar Association

All-Ukrainian public organization "Ukrainian Bar Association" (UBA) is the Ukrainian public non-government organization that was created on the basis of professional belonging and unites representatives of the legal profession and other interested persons in legislative sphere. Founded on Nov. 30, 2002.

Members UBA are about two thousand lawyers from all regions of the country, including lawyers, notaries, attorneys, judges, civil servants, MPs and scientists in the field of law.

International Commission of Jurists

The International Commission of Jurists (ICJ) is an international human right non-government organization.

The Commission itself is a standing group of 60 eminent jurists (including senior judges, attorneys and academics) dedicated to ensuring respect for international human rights standards through the law. Commissioners are known for their experience, knowledge and fundamental commitment to human rights. The composition of the Commission aims to reflect the geographical diversity of the world and its many legal systems.

The Commission is supported by an International Secretariat based in Geneva, Switzerland, and staffed by lawyers drawn from a wide range of jurisdictions and legal traditions. The Secretariat and the Commission undertake advocacy and policy work aimed at strengthening the role of lawyers and judges in protecting and promoting human rights and the rule of law.

International Bar Association

The International Bar Association (IBA), founded in 1947, is a voluntary bar association of international legal practitioners, bar associations and law societies. The IBA currently has a membership of 50,000 individual lawyers and 200 bar associations and law societies. Its global headquarters are located in London, England, and it has regional offices in Washington, D.C., United States, Seoul, South Korea and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Representatives of 34 national bar associations gathered in New York, NY on 17 February 1947 to create the IBA. Initial membership was limited to bar associations and law societies, but in 1970, IBA membership was opened to individual lawyers. Members of the legal profession including attorneys, solicitors, barristers, advocates, members of the judiciary, in-house lawyers, government lawyers, academics and law students comprise the membership of the IBA.