Working in an innovative and collaborative environment, we draw on our decades of ground-breaking business transactions and high-profile litigation victories to provide creative and forceful representation. We temper exacting legal scholarship and fierce advocacy with common sense and a deep understanding of business realities. We are agile and devoted to the power of telling your story when and where it matters most.

We close deals and try cases when other firms delay or fold. Based in Ukraine, our practice extends nationally and internationally. We represent and advise public companies, privately held companies and individuals. Our clients are leaders in the areas of real estate, entertainment, finance, digital media, healthcare, technology, sports, fashion, hospitality, and consumer products.

Driven by uncompromising loyalty, we connect with our clients on multiple levels. We are deeply committed to our community and public service. Our lawyers serve on boards of community organizations, volunteer their time with local non-profits and political campaigns and lead bar activities.

We compete at the highest levels and do it more quickly, efficiently and effectively than big law firms. Ultimately, we solve problems so our clients can succeed, prosper and thrive.

In the human minds of the animal is a symbol on which based the paintings about various aspects of life. The symbolism of animals extends to higher bases of the individual and shows openness to the world. Law Firm "SeP&P" as a part of our philosophy considers Falcon. Falcon is noble, fearless bird Hunter - a symbol of sun and light, victory, security and freedom. The Falcon often compared with glorious warrior, bearing in mind chivalry, courage, strength, agility, intelligence and courageous beauty. In the mythology the noble status of a bird is unusually high.

The most significant gods, rulers (German Vodan Thunder Indus and the Hindu) gods of fire (West Slavic and Scandinavian Loki Raroh), soldiers (Irish Veretranha and Malay Sinhalanh Buronh) and great heroes (Finist, Volkhov Vseslavich and so on.) always turned into the Falcon. It is believed that Falcon when hunted on hare (it is the personification of lust) - is a symbol of the victory under the spirit over the low-lying passions.

The Falcon, who attacked the defenseless heron - is allegorical image of a bloody tyrant, but a bird of prey, which has carry in his claws a prey to his master - it is the emblem of fidelity and exemplary performance of duty. The Falcon, which refused to kill a sparrow - is a symbol of magnanimous warrior, what ignores easy prey.