When individuals and businesses hire Law Firm "SeP&P" to find them legal solutions, they receive the benefit of an entire team of attorneys specializing in an array of complex practice areas. Unlike small firms who specialize only in a limited number of set specialties, our legal experts are well equipped to handle a wide scope of complex issues through in-house collaboration.

We want personify our mission with the White horse. Law Firm "SeP&P" seek to build its business on values ​​such as a loyalty, a courage, a military valor and a glory. We know that the White Horse's symbol is vitality, a beauty, a grace, a strength and a fascinating harmonic motion. White horse symbolizes a virility and is the basis for raising the human spirit. This is a combination of blind force and guiding spirit, speed of thought and intellect, wisdom, intelligence, nobility, light, dynamic power, agility and passage of time. The White horses played a unique role in the mythology of cultures of Europe and Asia. They were associated with sun chariot, were faithful companions of gods and heroes who saved people from troubles, a symbol of fertility and purity.