The cost of legal services is one of the expendable parts of your budget case, which in addition of legal costs (fees, expert services, etc.) may be offset by your opponent. The budget of the legal proceedings should be carefully weighed, because as a rule, it is made on the basis of changing social values and parameters. If something did not take into account a certain critical moment the costs of the case may be increased in an arithmetic progression (for example, the formula Alpeeva). To prevent this situation, which often increases the risk or jeopardize the success, you need to be interested in different law firms as they do it, what parameters are taken into account. Objectively, whenever possible, the expenditure part of the budget of average complexity of the case, at the initial stage it is possible to calculate ideally only up to 80%. You can find other versions, such as the costs are calculated at 95, 99 or 100% - but this is not true.

Unlike engineering specialties as architecture, in law more similar to the medicine, which cannot be foreseen and which modern mathematical methods of calculation are not amenable to the law prevailing trend (pattern and chance).

Yet, with respect to 80% of which are calculated, it occurs when you are working with professionals, only a certain part of it legal services. For example it is 53.7523% with the above 80%. But they have their composition.

Law Firm «SeP&P» in accordance with paragraph 12.3 of its own statutes, in matters of determining the cost of legal services is guided by the Regulations "On the pricing."

According to that, the cost of legal services in a particular case is calculated according to the definition of static settings, such as legal, the actual composition of the business, a formula is used and recognized mathematical science etc. On this client once at the initial stage can see the total cost of legal services in his case and to understand what it is.

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According to the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, sending a letter you acknowledge our right to process your personal data. The data will automatically acquire the status of attorney-client privilege. All information is secret and you just can never be dug up, because three days after sending you the answer is destroyed. Responding to your question, our employees, in addition to the general partner does not know personal information.

Law firm “SeP&P” reserves the right to five business days for a response, if in circulation on the urgency of the unspecified. As an example for legal affairs, we can offer pre-calculate the cost of legal services. The calculations do not establish and we are no further obligations for you, only help you to understand and compare.


 To do this, please enter the actual parameters of your situation (their accuracy and completeness of determining the accuracy of the calculations, without these preliminary data is otherwise impossible to determine the price of legal services)