Attorney Association "SeP&P"

Our Law firm according with Ukrainian law is entity with special legal status –Attorneys Association, which has all legal guarantees and opportunities for the best work.The main objectives of our Company are implementation of the Law for legal protection and representation of the interests of all kinds of legal assistance on a professional basis to natural and legal persons, public and non-governmental international organizations. 


SePavlov & Professionals

Our Company carries out the following activities: Legal support of economic activities of legal entities – (Businesses Law), including investment and production activities, contractual and judicial work, personnel and tax issues, Due Diligence; Legal support of the private affairs of individuals; Representing the interests of individuals and legal entities in the courts in the cases of civil, commercial, administrative and constitutional justice, as well as other public bodies, to natural and legal persons; Protect the rights, freedoms and legitimate interests of the illegal charges of committing crimes or other offenses of persecution by the state in criminal cases; implementation of other forms of advocacy, not prohibited by law.

SePavlov & Professionals

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Our clients come from almost all sectors:  manufacturing, food processing, services, wholesale and retail, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, construction, software and hardware, and many others.

They play an important role in the local economy and have great growth and employment potential. They are dynamic companies with dedicated and passionate management.

The expertise of our advisers in law, finance, operations, processes, corporate governance, investment preparation, to name but a few, has helped businesses across 13 countries make a step up and made their more competitive, domestically and abroad. 

In today's diverse world is very difficult to make the right decisions, especially when it concerns yourself. In this case, it is
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Law firm SeP&P always considering the potential risks and determines the extent of probability of solving the problems of the
Law firm "SeP&P" has its own program for the promotion of the interests of customers in different social relations and in all
  • Business it is very risky environment in which knowledge of the rules is not a condition, but this is the instrument for use of
    . 3 August 2016
  • This is a particularly sensitive area of legal services, as here - the top priority is a person, her interests, rights and
    . 3 August 2016
  • If you are considering investing in the project of business in Ukraine, or have already invested and want to get the maximum
    . 26 July 2016
  • Working in an innovative and collaborative environment, we draw on our decades of ground-breaking business transactions and high-
    . 29 October 2015
  •   When individuals and businesses hire Law Firm "SeP&P" to find them legal solutions, they receive the benefit of an entire
    .. 29 October 2015
  •   Our skilled trial lawyers have a wealth of in-depth experience in the following areas of litigation: product liability and
    . 19 November 2014
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